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I recently interviewed Pre School Place resident and avid drummer, Chantel Chambers, on the most memorable experience she’s had working at the Hall of Science.

Chantel: It’s hard to pick (a most memorable one) because there are so many! (laughs) Oh I know! The time I got to feed the spiders. I had to use these tweezers to put a fly into the spider’s web. I was so scared at first that I panicked and dropped the tweezers.

Margaret: That must have been exciting! The spiders were really big weren’t they?

Chantel: Yeah, and they are in the middle of the web, they can sense every vibration that comes through the threads and when the spiders do, they’ll move towards it. Anyways, I finally (placed the fly on the web) on second try.

Margaret: How did you get the chance to feed the spiders?

Chantel: It was for Explainer TV during last summer. Anthony, (the specialist who takes care of the spiders), asked me whether I wanted to feed them, and I did.

        The spiders are called Golden Orb Weavers, Nephila maculata. Nephila are known for the intricate and strong webs that they spin. The Orb Weavers will grace the Hall in May or early June. Visit Connections Exhibits to see the spectacular spiders with your own eyes then stop by the Pre School Place to say hello to Chantel!

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