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Hey East Coast, are you ready for the Cicadapocalypse? The Brood II cicadas are re-emerging soon after their 17 years of dormancy and will be rocking the east coast. Literally. The billions adult cicadas are here to sing unnecessarily loudly, mass reproduce with each other, and then die young. 

The Queens Zoo’s entomologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, Craig Gibbs, reports that ”the nymphs will come up, shed their nymphal skin and crawl up into the trees. They’ll take about five days to harden and then start for four to six weeks calling and looking for mates.” So, if you don’t want to see thousands of bug-husks on the ground, you might not want to go outside. I’m not sure what to tell you about the noise. Here’s what they sound like. All the time.

Fun fact: These particular cicadas emerge every 17 years, during which cicadas may have been taking math classes. They seem to know that 17 is a prime number. It gives their life cycles less of a chance to synchronize with a predator’s life cycle, which tend to be smaller, or non-prime numbers. [x]

The rest of America: You can check out when the next cicada uprising will be in your region here. [x]

In the meantime, I’ll busy myself with the thought that 1996 is just as far from today as 2030. 

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    I am so stoked. I apologize in advance for any excessive cicada blogging I do in the next few months but I mean...
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    You have until 2021 before this happens, Justin. :I
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    I remember the last time this happened, you guys. It was ridiculous. I mowed the lawn once and there were so many...
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    You have until 2021 before this happens, Justin. :I
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