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Well, Albert Einstein failed math in primary school, but look where that got him! Right?

Not quite. A lot of people may justify their shortcomings by relating themselves to Albert Einstein (which is a bad idea to begin with, don’t compare yourself to others), who is known for his theory of relativity, campaigns against nuclear weaponry and racism, and great hair. Einstein, for some reason, flunked out of math class before achieving unquestionable greatness as an adult. 

As it turns out, when Einstein was in primary school, he was in fact at the top of his class, and “far above the school requirements” in math. The “Einstein flunked math” tidbit mysteriously made its way into a Ripley’s Believe it or Not! newspaper article in 1935. 

When a rabbi in Princeton showed him a clipping of the mentioned newspaper column with the headline “Greatest living mathematician failed in mathematics”, Einstein’s response, after a good laugh was, “I never failed in mathematics… before I was fifteen, I had mastered differential and integral calculus.”

He did, however, fail to get a job in academics following his college graduation, which is why he spent so many years working in the Swiss Patent Office… So there’s that. 

Albert Einstein, Time Magazine's person of the century (It’s still a bad idea to compare yourself to him, even if you were the person of the year in 2006.)

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