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Explainer Diaries #1- WISE Conference 

     On Sunday March 9th, 2014 three Explainers ventured out to Poly Prep Country Day School to attend the Woman’s Innovation Symposium in Engineering!
    The day started out with a keynote session led by the CEO of Bona Clara, Jasmina Aganovic. Afterwards each attendee was placed in a workshop of their choice, some of which included The Smoothie Challenge, Design your own School Experience, and Building your own World with Scratch.
    The day ended with lunch, a networking session and concluding presentations by attendees. 
    The Explainers learned a lot from the conference, but took an extremely important lesson home: Women shouldn’t strive to be “Top Female Engineers” or  ”Leading Women in science”, instead we should identify ourselves as  “Top Engineers” and  ”Leading Individuals”, for if women categorize themselves separately from men, we are claiming that we should be held at different standards than them.  We aren’t Female Engineers, we are Engineers. 

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