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Human tears are full of vitamins and minerals just like an energy drink.  The only thing stopping companies like Gatorade from bottling our tears are the mucus and oils they contain.

 Small insects, on other hand, drink animal tears for those very salts and nutrients.  The photo above, captured by ecologist Carlos de la Rosa, shows a butterfly and a bee drinking crocodile tears.

 Sodium is necessary for a variety of bodily functions ranging from sending nerve signals to maintaining blood pressure.  As humans, we get plenty of sodium from the salty foods we eat.  Animals who don’t have that luxury have to get creative to get the proper amount of sodium in their diets. 

 Some butterflies have been known to flutter around mud puddles to sip the mineral-rich water.  But when minerals are rare in the soil, insects can acquire them from sweat, urine and blood.

 When given those choices, tear sipping seems like an easier and more sanitary option.

Source: Discovery News

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