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In the Palm of Your Hand

Here at NYSCI we don’t track our hours by punching in with time cards at those giant clocks.  Our system relies on geometry, measuring the shape of our hands and the angles at which our fingers and palms meet.  While it is difficult to imitate the shape of someone’s hand, fingerprints and retinal scans are even more specific to the individual.

We’ve all seen action movies where the bad guys gain access to secure locations by making molds of the fingerprint, but they often struggle to fool retinal scanners.  That’s because those scanners read vein patterns on the back of the eye.  Students at Lund University in Sweden realized how unique vein patterns are, and how difficult they’d be to fake, so why not use them at cash registers?

Don’t worry, they won’t be aiming price scanners at your eyes! Instead you’d place your palm on a scanning pad that detects the veins in your hand.  Just like a debit card, the money is taken out of your bank account right away, but more importantly, it completely eliminates the hassle of fumbling with your wallet to find your card.

According to the Lund University students, the hardest part of implementing this project was connecting all the dots.  The vein scanning terminals, the banks, the stores and of course the customers all had to be on the same page for it to work.  For now the program is active with 1,600 users in the immediate vicinity of the Lund University campus, but this is just the start of much shorter lines at the supermarket check-out.

Source: Science Daily

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