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While bugs are considered delicacies in some cultures today, most of us consider bugs as irritants. They infest our food, bite our skin and disturb quiet nights. We all seem to have grown an ‘Ick’ Factor for insects and find them too repulsive to eat.

But what if we take aside our disgust and study the benefits of Entomophagy (consumption of insects). Most bugs have more Iron than red meat and contain 80% Protein content. Insects contain high amounts of energy-rich fat and fiber and also carry micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The benefits should outweigh our repulsion!

So if you had a meal worm on your tongue like this NYSCI Explainer, could you put aside your ‘Ick’ Factor and swallow it?

  1. quetevala answered: YES!!!
  2. comaniddy answered: I’ve had BBQ cricket in the past. It was pretty tasty. More people should atleast give it a try!
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    Not that i want to go eat bugs now, but this is interesting lol
  6. oublier-passer said: Ehhh probably not! Still grosses me out!
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