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Explainer Diaries #2! 

On June 5th, 2014 fifteen NYSCI Explainers were given the opportunity to visit the Google office in NYC! 

We began the day with a panel discussion about Google jobs. We met with extraordinary employees who told us about their journey to Google and the steps it took to work in such a large company. It was great to ask questions and converse with ‘googlers’ who were more than willing to give us advice!

We then took a tour around the Google building. We saw the scooter stations, free gourmet food courts, a massage lounge and even a Lego room! It was so much fun to see the open atmosphere that the ‘googlers’ worked in. 

The Explainers were able to experience the candid environment of Google and see the amazing perks of working there. And while it was great to see the fun behind Google, the Explainers appreciated and learned so much more from the employees who worked there. 

We learned that it is okay to not know exactly what you want to study in college and that it’s normal to make mistakes. What is more important than anything else is to do what you love, and that is what will get you far.

So leave a comment: What is your dream job, and is it something you would enjoy doing?

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